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Nouveau Daffodil and Dragonfly note card


Daedre's Nouveau Daffodil and Dragonfly handmade note card are piece of art, hand detailed individually with just a touch of sparkle  in California on recycled paper. Show how much you care!  Sending a Daffodil and Dragonfly handmade note card is a reflection of how much you care!  Our Daffodil and Dragonfly are 4.25" x 5.5" when folded and come with envelope and Information back .Blank note cards allow you to be more personal or can be greeting with anything i.e.. thank you, etc.   
      Single card $5.50                 
8 handmade note cards per box;  $24.75.
 ( MADE in America ). 
          Personalization & customization is available.

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