Need a personalized illustration, invitation, or thank you card? You've come to the right place! 
Let us know what type of Custom Project you are interested in. Studio Daedre has worked with television programs, on celebrity weddings and with people who have a unique vision; a product designed especially to your specifications, not available in any corner shop. 

For a custom invitation, please advise us of your budget and the theme:  wedding, tea, shower, birthday, etc. Please provide wording or important information you want on your invitation.  It's our mission to create your perfect invitation. We'll work with you on the layout, design, and any specifications you may have. 

For a custom illustration, please send us some photos. If it is a pet, person or place, we usually like to have a few photos to choose from or to verify details. We will be happy to discuss with you any ideas you may have in addition to adding a few of our own. 
We'll start with a quote along with a timeline for the project. 

Not seeing what you're looking for? Ask us, We love to make your vision come to life!
Looking forward to hearing from you!

National Christmas tree and Capital Building in D.C. National Christmas tree & Capital Building
in D.C.

Front page cover about a
US Senate official
requesting Daedre's design
work concerning
the National Tree!

Custom Invitation

Lino Block Printing

Custom Invitations 

Where she started ! Carving, painting, pressing and embellishing stationery items. Which developed into custom weddings, invitations, television projects and other requests.