Copy of How to order handmade stationery items.

To Place An Order ON LINE  (  a selection from 3000 items ).

On the home page please choose one of the categories at the bottom of the page. Then select product(s) that you would like to purchase.  Simply type the amount in the quantity box and click order. All items will be placed into a shopping cart.  When you are ready to leave, click on the Check Out button and you will be prompted to submit your credit card number and address.

All transactions are secure and are processed by Studio Daedre. and made in America We ship from California.
Please allow 10 working days for shipment of our Individually Handprinted items.

To order from our Full Catalog.   ( other than items above  )

( We create 3000+ items, which would be impossible to have on line. )

Our full line of items,  just as our paper catalog shows, is available to you to order from.

Just go to our catalog by clicking here.
Email or call using the item #, name, and quantity desired below it's image.
(310-454-5317 )
Custom Design is available, ( hair, skin color or wording changes). Just contact us.

If you are not comfortable with purchasing online or have questions, you may e-mail us at:,

( We are in California, if you are on the East Coast ...please call after 1pm your time. )