About Studio Daedre

Studio Daedre is the result of an inspired woman following her artistic vision.

Daedre, the designer behind Studio Daedre, has always been happiest creating something (drawing, painting, knitting, cooking ... ). In middle school she discovered the medium of linoleum block prints. Soon there after she started designing her own hand carved linoleum print Christmas cards. Little did she know those cards would eventually evolve into her family owned enterprise of clean and sophisticated gift and stationery products. The one thing she did know from those early days was she enjoyed designing something that would bring a smile to someone's face.

Daedre continued designing her annual linoleum print personal stationery while attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She achieved a bachelor of science in architecture and a bachelor's of architecture then designed homes, retail space, and restaurants in the Los Angeles area. During this period Daedre took much of her artistic inspiration from travels that she enjoyed with her husband in the Southwest. Listening to her friends' praise of her stationery designs Daedre put together a portfolio and approached various museum gift shops in the Southwest to see if they would stock some of her cards. Much to Daedre's delight, they said, "yes" and her moonlighting as a professional card designer began.

When Daedre found herself as a new mother, she searched for a way to be both a career designer and the mother who could spend an afternoon making cookies with her daughter, the best of both worlds. She made the decision to concentrate on the card design and let architecture take the back seat. Studio Daedre was hatched.

Daedre began hand printing her own line of linoleum block print cards and stationery products. These linoleum prints have evolved into today's clean and sophisticated designs which offer a wider color palette and allow greater attention to detail, than her original designs. Each of her current designs are hand embellished pieces of art.

What started as a young girl's creative spirit and personal gifts to her friends has developed into a successful family run and operated business. Studio Daedre is committed to producing superior quality products with a unique handmade touch while reducing our environmental footprint. She has been honored multiple times for her creative excellence in the greeting card industry as a Louie Award Finalist.

Daedre currently lives in California with her husband and daughter and is planning to take her products to the next level.